Police in St Austell are advising people to secure their homes to avoid being targeted by opportunist thieves after a number of burglaries in the area.

Simple tips such as closing and locking windows and doors when you are away from the property, as well as being careful about the windows that are left open whilst still inside the property, could prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

Acting sector inspector, Mick Howe, said: “We’ve had a number of burglaries recently due to opportunist thieves entering properties through a window or door which has been left open because of the warm weather. We would advise people to be vigilant and ensure they close windows and doors at their homes to protect their property.

“Simply leaving a front door wide open, when you are at home and in the garden could provide an ideal opportunity for a criminal to reach inside and steal your valuables such as a wallet, handbag or car keys.”

Remember to help prevent your home from being burgled:

• Keep all windows and doors closed and locked

• Don’t leave keys in locks especially near letterboxes or cat flaps (where burglars can get their hand through)

• Mark any valuable equipment appropriately (advice on www.devon-cornwall.police.uk) and register it on www.immobilise.com.

If you need to report a burglary, contact the police on 101 or email 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk . In the event of an emergency dial 999.