Audiences of over 200 people a night were expected at the Tolmen Centre when pupils from Constantine School took to the stage with their end of school production - a musical version of Robin Hood.

Around 85 key stage two pupils were involved in the production and spent the last term learning the songs before they concentrated on pinning down their lines and perfecting their acting.

They were guided through the whole process by Alison Churchley.

“The children have loved it,” said deputy head Cags Gilbert. “It's enabled them to learn more about stage presence and acting, which has been really exciting for them.”

The year three and four children made up the choir which sat in the wings while the older year five and six children took on the acting roles, with the school leavers of year six being given the main parts.

They cast and crew had a chance to iron out any last minute problems during a dress rehearsal which was watched by the rest of the school. Parents and friends were then invited to two performances that ended with a collection raising money for school funds.

Cast.: Robin Hood, Jemima; King Richard, Theo; Guy of Gisborne, Kian; Little John, Charley; Maid Marian, Daisy; Alan-A-Dale, Hollie; Sheriff of Nottingham, Tilly; Much the Miller's Son, Chelsea; Marian's maid, Charlotte; Announcer, Elliot; Soldiers, Jamie and Ben; Friar Tuck, Darcy; Bishop of Hereford, Noah; Will Scarlett, Charlotte; Villager, Ellie.

Alongside: Fleur, Gracie, Ethan, Angus, David, Jack, Eiger, Olivia, Nathan, Charlotte A, Jessica, Jude, Oscar, Rebecca, Grace K, Daniel, Lewis, Noah, Arthur, Leandros, Aiden, Millie, Molly, Lewis, Wilfred, Marley, Ella, Tallulah, Freddie, Louis, Harry, Isaac, Lauren, Finlay, Max, Charlotte F, George, Morwenna, Sky, Joris, Rosa, Tyler, Jay, Grace M, Lazaros, Oceana, Aimee, Poppy, Ella, Nadia and Oliver.

Falmouth Packet:

Falmouth Packet: