A bid to bring a JD Wetherspoon pub to Helston has received universal support from Packet readers.

Last week the Helston Packet exclusively revealed that the low cost food and drink chain had found a suitable site in the town and was now in talks with the owner.

Writing on the Packet website, thepacket.co.uk, Gill Z Martin said: “This is great news for Helston, Wetherspoons establishments offer competitively priced food, are family friendly, and it may help attract more people into the town.

“It will provide another social hub for those looking for something slightly different from the existing pubs.”

Krazyitchkatie agreed: “Hopefully it will set the trend for other national shops, although I'm not sure there are any more suitable premises for them. This is gonna be one great big Wetherspoons!”

A reader known only as bobmcl62 wrote: “Just what the town needs; |it's been too long that pubs in the town charge overpriced beverages as well as food menus with little quality.”

And steve1to7 wrote: “Great news. I know it will worry some pubs and |clubs, but competition has always favoured the customer! Just the kick up the bum Helston needs, more quality less crap!”

Speculation remains over the location in question, although a few suggestions have been made by readers.

A spokesman for the company has so far refused to reveal the possible site, while talks remain ongoing.

However, he said should the development go ahead it would bring with it between 45 and 50 jobs and an investment of around £1.5 million into |the town.

There are already JD Wetherspoon pubs in many of the surrounding |towns, including Falmouth, Truro and Penzance.

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