Readers who have travelled to foreign climes may well have come across those fantastic sand sculptures built in tourist areas, which appear to defy all the laws of physics and leave anyone who’s ever attempted even a large sandcastle feeling inadequate.

Visitors to Coverack last week, however, could experience such sights without having to hop onboard an aeroplane, as some truly impressive sculptures were built on the beach.

Organised by the Coverack Space 2000 community group, the sandcastle and sculpture contest saw families pitted against each other to be the most creative – and the results were truly phenomenal.

A huge variety of castles, complete with turrets and towers, made an impressive display, but it was the sandcastles that really stood out.

Offerings included dragons, the Titanic, a giant gingerbread man and even a box of chocolates.

Caroline Beadle, events coordinator for Coverack Space 2000, said: “The afternoon was a huge success, with many people enjoying the beach and the friendly competition.”

The judges had the unenviable task of choosing the winners and highly commended places.

Caroline thanked judges for their hard work and to Brenda’s shop for donating prizes of Coverack snow globes, with a themed bucket and spade for all the children in the winning categories.

The winners of the best family sand sculpture were the Smiths, with their spectacular ‘Coverack Dragon.’ The Drysdales received highly commended for their sand sculpted box of chocolates (with one missing) entitled ‘Chocoholics.’ ‘The Lizard’ received best in the children’s only section, constructed by The Aces, and Dolly received highly commended for her ‘Ballet Pump.’

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