Amateur radio enthusiasts gathered on Monday to mark the centenary of Britain's involvement in World War One in a unique way.

At 11am the mayor of Helston Mike Thomas officially opened a special event at Lizard Wireless Station using the call sign GB100ZZ from the site where the first message of the war was sent.

At 11pm on August 4, 1914 Whitehall issued the declaration of the war and the admiralty immediately instructed the station at Poldhu to advise merchant ships that war had been declared, and not to go to German ports.

Today the station is the home of the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club in the Marconi Centre.

It was given special permission to use the ZZ call sign again to mark the centenary.

An exhibition at the station also includes photographs of the spark generator as it actually sent the message, a recording of how it would have sounded as it was received and pictures of the aerials at Poldhu in 1914.

It also features an old photograph (below) showing those who were at Poldhu Wireless Station during World War One, taken outside the then Poldhu Hotel - now the nursing home - and members would be interested to know the identities of anyone pictured.

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