A unique sight greeted the residents of Mabe on Sunday, as two massive steam engines, pulling a trailer carrying two blocks of granite, weighing 15 tons, climbed the steep hill through the village.

The lead engine was a Burell, “Janet,” owned and driven by Robin Daniel, followed by “King Harry,” a McLaren, owned and driven by Steve Sanders from Longdowns.

The event was organised to commemorate the start of the Great War in 1914, when both men and machines were called up to serve King and country.

The day's journey began at Lawer's quarry at Longdowns, and made it's way along the A394 to Treliever and Treluswell, then down to Penryn's Commercial Road to the old Freeman and McLeod's granite yard (now a boatyard).

This is where the original blocks of granite were taken from the quarries to be cut and polished before being exported all over the world. The convoy halted here for a moment's reflection and commemoration, before moving on to Dale's roundabout, before the steep climb up Hillhead.

After travelling along the by-pass, the most spectacular part of the journey began. The engines and trailer ascended Nanturrian Hill and Antron Hill, before the final part back to Longdowns.

All along the route, there were crowds eager to see the unusual sight, and to take photographs and videos.

The centre of the village was packed with sightseers, with some travelled from Sussex and Leicestershire to see the spectacle.