THE village of Budock Water has held its own exhibition to commemorate the beginning of World War One.

The display, held in Budock Village Hall, was organised by the committee of Budock Water Playing Field Association.

Chairman of the association, Margaret Gallacher, said the |purpose was “to remember the brave men and women who died in both world wars and also to |celebrate the opening of Budock Water Playing Field 50 years ago.”

Memorabilia was on display, including photographs of servicemen and women from Budock, plus general wartime photographs, on loan from people of the village. A highlight was a Bible with a bullet hole that saved the life of a soldier.

There were also samples of letters and postcards sent by |servicemen to their families, ration books and a sample of a week’s ration allowance for an adult, with child visitors amazed to see they only had 12oz of sweets for an entire month.

A gas mask designed for babies and a table displaying military weapons, such as rifles, bullets and grenades, were also on display.

Cakes made from wartime recipes were for sale, made using only the ingredients available at the time due to war rationing.

Tea and coffee was served throughout the day and cream teas were served all afternoon.

In the evening a tea dance was held, reminiscent of the wartime dances held to bring some excitement to service people on leave and those struggling to keep things going at home.

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