A wildlife centre in Portreath has announced the sad and sudden passing of its most famous resident – Forrest Stump the tailless fox.

His story hit the headlines around the world after he found a home at Feadon Farm at the Gwel an Mor resort in Portreath, and a best friend in fellow tailless hound called Barney.

Forrest was in good health when he suffered a sudden seizure, from which the vets were unable to revive him.

Gary Zammit, wildlife ranger at Feadon Farm, said: “Even working with wildlife every day and for the past 30 years, you never get used to losing your friends. He was such an adorable little chap and he is very sorely missed.”

Forrest was found at four-weeks old in a puddle, underweight and alone by a tourist out walking through a Newquay field. He was adopted by the centre which is already well known for its work with foxes. He was nursed back to health by Alyson and Gary Zammit, with help from their family dog Barney – kindred spirits from the start, as Barney himself was discovered abandoned and missing his tail.

Forrest was just a few short weeks from being permanently homed with Feadon Farm’s other foxes Todd, Copper and Meadow.

Since his arrival at the centre, Forrest had become an internet sensation with Facebook fans and articles in national press. His antics with buddy Barney also made him a global hit, with interest ranging from New York to China.

Alyson Zammit, wildlife ranger at Feadon Farm, said: “We’ve had such lovely and supportive comments since he passed away.

“It is wonderful to know that he educated and was loved by many in such a short time. We are delighted he got to live out his life happily with us and we are happy in the fact that he got the best possible care he could while he was with us.”