A Falmouth man who jumped up and down on a car in rage before covering himself in baby oil has been sentenced.

At Truro Magistrates’ Court Jarrod Joshua Westlake, aged 23, of Polmennor Road, Falmouth, pleaded guilty to assaulting a 17-year-old girl, damaging her car to the value of £2,500 and assaulting her 18-year-old friend. At a previous hearing, Westlake had told magistrates he had no excuse |saying he was really drunk and under the influence.

Gail Hawkley, for the CPS, said the 17-year-old girl had been arguing with the defendant and he shoved her in the chest, causing her to stumble backwards. When her friend intervened, Westlake punched her in the face.

He ran to the car, kicking and punching it, smashing a window and jumped up and down on the bonnet and roof, causing substantial dents and causing it to be written off.

He punched the older girl again, before coming out of the house stripped to his boxer shorts, his body covered in baby oil.

When police officers arrived they used a Taser on him, because of his aggressive behaviour and the oil on his body. He told them they would have to remand him in custody or he would kill someone.

Charles Hulley, his solicitor, said the 17-year-old girl had not wanted to press charges against Matthews and had been reluctant to attend court.

The magistrates, who had read reports on Westlake, gave him a |12-month community order with requirements including a curfew for seven nights a week for three months. He was ordered to pay £145 costs and surcharge and £100 in compensation to each of the two females.