If you apply for a job with Nauti but Ice you will probably need a little something extra on your CV – a decent water pistol aim.

The Porthleven ice cream shop has come up with an alternative answer to deal with the seagulls that target their shop on a daily basis, by targeting them with water squirters.

The shop came up with pest control solution to deal with the unwanted diners who were becoming a pain by scrounging for leftovers.

Shop owner Lucy Page said: “We use water squirters to combat the seagulls that land on the table.

“We were selling the squirters in the shop and one day we somehow managed to come up with the idea of using them to scare away the gulls.”

During a staff discussion they came to the conclusion that the squirters could be used as a fun way to deal with the swooping seagulls. Although seagulls are a protected bird the water squirters do not hurt them and the method is aimed at deterring them rather than hurting them.

The staff and customers are now able to use the shops water pistols to squirt the seagulls before they can cause havoc by perching on the tables and tucking into the leftovers.

Previously the staff had to run straight out and clear the tables as soon as the customers left as the pests would swoop down to get the leftovers, which would cause plates and glasses to break.

Lucy, who owns the shop with her husband David, described how the customers love to get involved and how the pest prevention method has turned into entertainment point for the customers.

“We tend to find one of the children who is sat outside bored while their parents are having their coffee, we will put them in charge of one of the water squirters, which they love as it gives them something to do,” she added.

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