Anyone looking for a fun summer holiday activity should head down to the Falmouth coastline for a spot of rock-pooling following an influx of foreign shrimps.

Joy Thomas, formerly of Penryn now living at Stithians, contacted the Packet to say she had found a “blood red” shrimp with her grandchildren while on Brean Beach between Helford and Maenporth.

Around one and quarter inches long, the Japanese Skeleton Shrimp, or Caprella Mutica to give its proper name, has a straight back rather than curved like a British shrimp.

After contacting Falmouth Harbour Commissioners she discovered the organisation is logging the findings of this shrimp, which had found its way to UK waters.

Native to the subarctic regions of the Sea of Japan in northwestern Asia, they are thought to have spread into other parts of the world through accidental introductions from the hulls or ballast water of international maritime traffic, aquaculture equipment, and shipments of the Pacific oyster.