Two Falmouth based artists have unveiled a new mural at Falmouth Docks just in time for the Tall Ships Regatta.

Artists Vicki Gillow and Juliet Walshe have worked with A&P Falmouth and Falmouth Art Gallery to turn a large wall on County Wharf into an 18 metre long painting.

The mural, which depicts the work going on behind the wall with a backdrop of the Carrick Roads and the Roseland peninsula, was unveiled in the precence of Falmouth’s former mayor, Councillor Geoffrey Evans, Henrietta Boex, curator of the Falmouth Art Gallery, Mike Reynolds, former A&P port operations director and Drystan Jones, A&P Falmouth port operations director, along with the artists and Erik Kirchner, captain of the visiting cruise ship AIDAcara.

Juliet said: “Unlike most paintings that are read from left to right, this mural is intended to be read right to left, allowing the viewer to take in the narrative from the interior of Falmouth Docks to the exterior elemental ocean and skies beyond.”

Falmouth Art Gallery hopes that the project will be continued by other artists and local school children, who will add their own work to the 75 metre wall.