Mawnan History Group commemorated the centenary of the start of World War One with an exhibition covering the village's war experiences.

The display in the Methodist Hall contained information on those who left the area to go to war, including the three villagers killed during the conflict, as well as the ancestors of people living in the village today.

One of the ancestors included was the grandfather of the group's secretary, Ted Glover, who was killed three weeks after sending his first letter home from the front. Ted said: “All they got was his dog tag.

“It's heartbreaking, the amount of similar stories.”

Also on display was general information on the background of the war, and the life soldiers led, including from a postcard collector who spent 40 years collating cards from the era.

It was collected and arranged by Gail O'Dell, Sylvia King, Ted and Gill Glover and Diana Sanders, who together form the committee of the Mawnan History Group, which is part of the Old Cornwall Society.

Sylvia said: “We've had a lot of visitors, we even had a major in [the visitors book] somewhere.

“A lot are surprised that we've covered so much ground.”

Ted added: “A lot of organisations have been generous in lending us stuff.

“We can only put up what people gave us, and they gave us quite a lot.”