PLANS to build a 15 bedroom block of student accommodation on a busy junction in Falmouth, which were opposed by local residents and the town council, have been granted conditional approval.

Two residents attended Falmouth’s planning committee when members discussed the application which sought to demolish an existing building at 1 Trescobeas.

The property is next to a property which already houses seven students, and the plans would see another block built which would house 15 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area.

The residents were concerned that the proposal would constitute overdevelopment of the site and raised concerns there would be a loss of privacy, an in increase noise and disturbance and would add traffic to an already busy junction.

The town council also had concerns along similar lines and objected to the application, as did local town and county councillor David Saunby.

However, Cornwall Council’s case officer Laura Potts, response was: “Whilst the concerns are noted, there are considered to be no material planning reasons to refuse this application.

“The proposal lies within a highly sustainable location, on one of the main arterial routes through Falmouth.

The proposal is considered acceptable in design terms, respecting the host building and wider streetscene, and within walking distance to local shops, amenities and transport links.

“It is noted that Falmouth Town Council recommended refusal of the application as they feel it is not in keeping and would constitute overdevelopment of the site resulting the loss of privacy to Tresco Place and 49 Tregenver Road.

“These issues have been considered carefully, however, in this instance there is a difference in opinion on this matter.”

Among the conditions attached to the consent, is one which insists that before the new building is inhabited, parking and turning areas should be laid out and created to ensure adequate parking and turning facilities off the road and to ensure vehicles can enter and exit the site without the need to reverse.