A young boy has impaled his foot on a metal spike buried in the sand at one of St Ives’ most popular beaches.

The youngster, on holiday from Gloucester, was left with the spike sticking through his foot after standing on the hidden sharp steel bar on Porthminster beach.

Falmouth Packet:

Phil Drew, RNLI lifeguard manager, said: “It was extremely low tide, with much of the sand at the Pednolva end of the beach, which is usually covered by water, exposed.

“The young boy was jumping down off the rocks onto the sand when he jumped onto the steel bar and it impaled his foot.”

RNLI lifeguards Antony Stewart, Joel Ninnes and Naomi Copperwaite were on duty and responded to the incident.

They gave the boy oxygen and kept his foot in a stable position before calling for assistance from the ambulance service and the fire brigade, who used specialist equipment to cut the metal bar.

The boy was then taken by ambulance to hospital for further treatment.