Scared of zombies? Frightened of meteors? Or is the impending energy crisis playing on your mind? Whatever way you believe life as we know it might come to a juddering halt it’s time to have an ‘Exit Plan’ and artist Paul Chaney might just have the answer.

A new exhibition at Kestle Barton in Manaccan might not be the obvious place to start your introduction to survival training, but the new collection by artist Chaney offers just that.

This weekend Paul offers residents of the Lizard advice on how to survive an apocalypse through his unique art exhibition, Lizard Plan Exit.

Mr Chaney has created the unusual exhibition to demonstrate how people living in the landscape could theoretically survive on the peninsular, post apocalypse.

Running alongside the exhibition is an action packed activity weekend called Off-Grid. The weekend focuses on the themes that he has explored within his exhibition.

As all good survivalist know, you won’t last long without food, so Off-Grid has invited along foraging expert, Stuart Woodman to help guest learn to cook up an apocalyptic treat.

Owner of Kestle Barton, Karen described: “The idea is the group will go out with the aim of collecting enough food to make a meal.”

Of course, there is a serious side to this exhibition and the idea of self-sufficient survival is evident in Mr Chaney’s art. This weekend gives local people the opportunity to interact with his concept.

Karen said the exhibition had been gaining a lot of positive attention, adding: “People get very engaged with the ideas once they begin to understand; there is a lot to interest people for long periods of time.”

Following the foraging event and camp out, visitors are invited meet Mr Chaney at drop in sessions that are taking place this Sunday, August 17.

Mr Chaney will be joined by learning curator, Kenna Hernly, who will be demonstrating how to use a new computer programme that they have developed.

The idea of the programme shows users how to plan for a sustainable lifestyle and offers them a sense of what post apocalyptic life would be like on the Lizard.

Lizard Exit Plan will be displayed until September 14 and admission is free of charge.

It costs £15 to participate in the Off-Grid foraging event and camping is free but needs to be arranged by contacting Kestle Barton on 01326 231811.