RNLI lifeguards at Chapel Porth rescued a mother and son from a rip current on Wednesday in what has been a busy week for the lifeguard team.

The winter storms have changed the topography of the beach and removed a significant amount of sand, creating a large area of deep water across three quarters of the beach causing a strong rip current.

As a result the lifeguards have a small area at the right of the beach to place the red-and-yellow flagged bathing area. Because of the conditions, the lifeguards have been very proactive in advising people of the dangers before they enter the water, and also patrolling the water on rescue boards and with tubes.

RNLI lifeguard supervisor Drustan Ward, said: "There has been a strong rip current all season at Chapel Porth but the addition of strong surf and winds this week has added to the strength of the rip. The lifeguards have worked really hard all season to keep people safe and are regularly in the water on rescue boards and with tubes making sure bathers stay in waist depth water.

"Unfortunately for this mother and son, they went a little too far out and got caught in the current which dragged them away. RNLI lifeguard Tom Evans paddled out to them on his rescue board and brought them back to shallower water. Remarkably they were the only people rescued that day, despite the strong conditions, which just shows how hard the lifeguards are working at advising people and preventing incidents before they can occur.

"Fortunately at Chapel Porth the lifeguards are able to speak to people before they go in the water and tell them of the dangers and where best to bath. The lifeguards encourage people to stay where they can keep their feet on the floor, so are not getting out of their depth and into the path of the rip current. They are also in the water throughout the day and stay alongside the swimmers, acting as a barrier to keep them away from the rip. The recent weather has caused some of the sand to shift so we hope the conditions will begin to improve."