A sudden increase in the wind during one of the Falmouth Week sailing events led to several boats being swamped and a call out for the inshore lifeboat.

The event's safety control contacted Falmouth Coastguard at around 3pm on April 12, and they sent the lifeboat to a Sunbeam Sailing Boat which was reported to have been dismasted in the Trefusis Point area.

An RNLI spokesperson said: "No boats fitting the description could be seen in the area but a Sunbeam was observed under tow heading up the Penryn River.

"The Inshore Lifeboat rendezvoused with the safety boat Transco Phoenix to assess the situation and once it was confirmed that no further assistance was required the Inshore Lifeboat was released to return to its station at 3.35pm.

"Following a sudden increase in the wind the fleet competing in the Carrick Roads had suffered rig failures and swamping of various yachts. Due to the number of incidents and the organisers had requested assistance of the inshore lifeboat but on arrival on scene it was found that the situation had been brought under control and no further assistance was required."

The volunteer crew was: Luke Wills (Helmsman), Andy Jenkin, Josh Beardmore