Lifeboat volunteers used ropes and a grapnel to free a yacht which had become caught on a lobster pot buoy in Gerrans Bay on Sunday.

The Falmouth inshore lifeboat was already afloat attending another incident off St Anthony Lighthouse when it was diverted at around 5pm on August 17 to help the yacht Peerless II which had become entangled two miles south of Gull Rock.

A spokesperson for Falmouth RNLI said: "The inshore lifeboat arrived on scene at 5.08pm and found that the rope from the lobster pot was caught around the yacht's keel.

"Using ropes and a grapnel the inshore lifeboat crew were able to eventually retrieve the rope and free the yacht. Once it was confirmed that no damage had been done to the yacht at 6pm it was able to continue its passage to the Helford.

"The yacht with two persons on board had been on passage to the Helford when its keel had become caught on the lobster pot marker. With the weight of the yacht its crew had been unable to free the line and had requested assistance from the coastguard."

The lifeboat's volunteer crew was: Neil Capper (Helmsman), Jonathan Hackwell, Thomas Telford