Porthleven has been given just over £500,000 to cover repairs of the harbour wall damaged in storms at the start of the year.

Out of the grant £434,786 is to repair the collapsed wall at Fisherman's Quay, remove large granite blocks partially blocking the sluice and fix damage to the “Hospital Corner” wall, loss of capping to harbour head wall and undermining of slipway.

The remaining £66,391 will fix damage caused by wooden baulks to the inner harbour, which shifted, damaging roads, ladders and mooring chains.

The money is coming from the Small Ports Authority and applied for by Trevor Osborne, the owner of Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company.

A spokesperson said: “The grant reflects the emergency action taken at the company's expense and without hesitation in February, when all vessels were lifted from the harbour, making it the first time that the harbour had been empty of boats since 1903, 111 years ago.”

The Harbour & Dock Company now urgently needs to recruit masons to supplement its own team and a team provided by Mitchell Builders. Available masons have been asked to make contact as a matter of urgency by calling 01326 574270.

Work can begin immediately and must advance as quickly as possible, because the grant will not be available if it is unspent by the end of the financial year.

Andrew George MP gave his full weight and support to the application made by the Company, which was fully supported by the Porthleven Boat Association and the town council.

Porthleven's harbour master Philip Ward said: “When disaster struck the company gave its unconditional support to immediate action to safeguard the harbour and its vessels and I am doing everything possible to hasten the work.”

The Harbour & Dock Company added: “The grant is a tribute to all those who took part during the time of the storm and thereafter, and who all recognise the importance of Porthleven Harbour, to its fishermen, local companies and traders and the increasing number of tourism visitors attracted to this lovely village every year.”