Mrs Janet Ings from Coverack took the morning service. She talked meaningfully about spreading God's word, using lessons from Matthew 28 and Acts Chapter 11. “Go then to all people's everywhere, make them my disciples and I will be with you always, to the end of the age.” A large family of holiday makers were in the congregation. The children were amused that Mrs Ings should talk to them about the latest craze of “loom making”. The organist was Mr Barry Sherlock.

In the evening “Praise Hayle Male Choir” entertained a large audience starting the concert with “Some Enchanted Evening”, followed by spirituals and extracts from the ever popular “Oliver” and “Fiddler on the Roof”. “A Rousing Happy Birthday to You” was sung by everyone for Hamilton, a member of the choir who celebrated his 94th birthday that day. Such an evening would not be complete without “Hail to the Homeland” which is very special to every Cornish person.

The choir's director Mr Tim Hosken introduced each item and kept everyone amused, especially some visitors from Coventry with his story about driving a milk tanker three times round the Coventry Ring Road before the police stopped him! Margaret Bilkey, the choir's accompanist on the piano, played all evening and gave an interesting duct performance with Tim on the chapel organ.

Angela Agutter-Thomas, with her beautiful vibrant voice, sang Thanks be to God solo and two sympathetic duets, such contrasting voices, with Sally Searle. Sally's solo in her hauntingly crystal clear soprano voice was “Where ere You Walk”.

It truly was an enchanting evening finishing with a delicious supper. Very grateful thanks to all the ladies that helped. The evening raised over £200 split between choir and chapel funds.