Scientists from The University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus were inspiring engaging children with the world of science in the Falmouth Week tent last Friday.

During a day of Science in the Square, groups from the university ran a host of fun and educational activities and displays to explain the natural world to visitors.

These included Odd Olympians, showing who would win an animal Olympics, Nutty Navigators, exploring how marine animals |find their way around the oceans, and Crazy Climate, covering extreme weather, as well as |the Bone Zone, Marine Zone |and Live Zone letting children |get up close with skeletons, aquatic creatures, and wild animals.

Professor Stuart Bearhop from the University of Exeter said: “One of the really exciting things about being a scientist is that the truth is often stranger than fiction.

“As always we see Science in the Square as an opportunity for people of all ages to experience some of this excitement at first hand in a fun, friendly and |hands-on environment.”