Both Falmouth lifeboats were called to help two people and their three dogs whose yacht had run aground between Trefusis Point and Penarrow Point on Sunday.

The inshore lifeboat was called away from Durgan Village Regatta at 3.10pm, and the all weather lifeboat was also called to help the crew of the 30ft ketch Scottish Lass.

The all weather lifeboat arrived on scene at shortly before the inshore lifeboat at 3.20pm, and found that the yacht had already managed to get off the rocks but reported having limited propulsion.

An RNLI spokesperson said: "It was decided that the all weather lifeboat would take the yacht in tow so the inshore lifeboat placed a crew member on board to assist with the ropes. As it was confirmed that the yachts mooring was in the Penryn River the inshore lifeboat took over the tow at 3.34pm and placed the yacht safely on its mooring off Trevissome.

"Although it is believed that the yacht did not suffer any significant hull damage it had reported loosing engine propulsion possibly due to damage suffered when it went aground."