A husband and wife photography team in Porthleven are set to launch their third charity fundraising book.

Following the success of Harbour To Harbour and its sequel Harbour2Harbour, David and Jan Penprase are moving away from the port this time, for Salt of the Earth.

This features the fishermen and locals associated with fishing in Newlyn, and will be raising money for the Fishermen's Mission.

The couple, who were approached about the project by Julian Waring, from the Mission, have been working from two lofts given to use by Shaun and Anthony Stevenson of Newlyn.

Over the last few months they have had a steady flow of sitters, many straight off their boats.

David, a retired photographer and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, said: “Word soon spread throughout the community as many had seen or heard about the Harbour books and for some months it has been an intense operation to capture them.

“The book is based around the fishermen; consequently whilst going through a good summer fitting in with them was sometimes a difficult task as they [the fishermen] needed to be at sea to try and catch up on lost time after going through the harsh winter.”

David works in the traditional way with monochrome film and hand printing in a conventional darkroom. Alongside almost every picture, with the exception of only a few, there is a short biographical history.

The new book will be launched around November.

In addition to Julian helping with the organising, Hannah Pascoe - who many will know for her singing - has helped gather local people, with Rita Collier, who contributed heavily in the editing of the Harbour projects so far, also getting involved again.

All are working voluntarily so that all proceeds go to the charities.

To follow Salt of the Earth's progress visit www.themissionproject.co.uk or to pre order contact Julian at the Fishermen's Mission on 01736 363499.

To date the two Harbour books have raised a total of £56,400 for Children's Hospice South West and Cornwall Hospice Care, with the original selling 1,100 copies in just a few weeks and subsequently winning the Holyer an Gof awards 2012 for “best nonfiction in which illustrations predominate.”

Both are still for sale in shops around the harbour in Porthleven.