A group of visitors from Brittanyhas arrived in Helston for a visit, with plans to visit Falmouth’s Tall Ships festival.

The Helston-Plougasnou Twinning Group will be |hosting 14 visitors from Plougasnou, staying with |different families in order to get a real feel for ordinary life in Helston.

They are timing their visit to tie in with the Tall Ships |festival events, with the group planning to spend most of Friday there, ending with a boat trip in the evening. On the Sunday the hosts will then be taking them to see the ships racing.

However there is still plenty of time for activities in Helston.

Tomorrow (Thursday) will see the French visitors being treated to lunch, and the ACT2 theatre group will be putting on a special performance for friends and families.

Helston’s mayor, Mike Thomas, will then be |personally welcoming them to the Guildhall on Saturday, before the visitors are sent off with smiles thanks to a farewell dinner arranged for Sunday.

If the visitors can find the time during their busy |schedule, then they can choose from a variety of local shops and the Helston Museum in which to spend their free time.

In previous years the |twinning group has hosted visitors for the Gorsedh, |harvest fair and Flora Day.

Judith Haycock, from the group, said: “It is lovely to show off to people what a |wonderful town we have.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the |twinning association or would like to join our friendly group please contact Spike Laugher 01326 562256.”