Families attempted to hold back the tide at Coverack as the summer holidays drew to a close.

They were taking part in the annual tide challenge, organised by community group Coverack Space 2000.

The competition was carefully time to fit in with low tide, with families challenged to build a structure using sand and a limited number of stones and then place a flag on top as the waves drew in.

The family whose flag was the last one standing was declared the winner.

There were a few rules: to use only natural objects, make their structure no more than four rocks high, to place the flag in sand - and importantly, to have fun.

A line was drawn the length of the beach and structures had to be on the line or the sea-ward side.

This year there were 20 tide defences built right across Coverack beach. Although all structures used only things found on the beach there was still a lot of variety; the majority used large mounds of sand but some used rocks, sticks and seaweed to great effect.

In the last few minutes there were just two flags flying at either end of the beach. In the end the winning defence was built by the Relton family, with some extra help from friends, with their flag the last flag to fall.

Caroline Beadle, from Coverack Space 2000, said: “Events like the tide challenge produce a wonderful community atmosphere and help us make the most of our natural environment.”

The group thanked Brenda's and The Old Mill Shop for donating prizes for the winners, plus a “huge thank you” to all who supported the event by taking part and going along to watch.

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