It's not often that the staff of a four star hotel get the chance to pour ice-cold water over their boss, but the staff of St Michael's in Falmouth had their Get Your Own Back moment this morning.

Owner Nigel Carpenter was nominated to take part in the charity Ice Bucket Challenge, and was soaked by staff on the hotel balcony in full view of customers.

Good sport Nigel was nominated by London biscuit-makers Biscuiteers, and in turn nominated Neil Chadwick of Falmouth clothing company Seasalt and Stafford Sumner of digital marketing agency Jarrang.

He had four buckets of icy water poured over him: two from first floor windows by his personal assistant Rowenna Brock and property manager Natasha Milne, while another two came from the terrace by general manager Karl Taylor, and financial controller Lucie Saunders.

He said: "We were nominated by our friends at Biscuiteers Baking Company and as it’s for such a good cause I knew it had to be done.

"The staff really went to town and gave me a good icy soaking and they have generously donated for the pleasure, raising over £100 for MND which I will match."

The ice bucket challenge originated in the US as a way to raise money and awareness for motor neurone disease charity ALS, before going viral on social media and becoming a UK craze.