Never before has the Queen been seen in the company of a convict, Catwoman and a giraffe, let alone abseiling 95ft down a tower, but that is the sight which greeted visitors to the Maritime Museum in Falmouth recently.

A group of 42 people, nearly all in fancy dress, answered the call for volunteers to launch themselves over the edge of the museum’s look-out tower to raise money for Tanya’s Courage Trust which offers support to young people across Cornwall who have cancer.

The event was organised by Alison Appleton who has been raising money for the Trust as her daughter went to school and college with Sasha Watson, of Falmouth who is currently battling a rare form of cancer.

Almost as soon as Alison put out the call for volunteers, all the places were full with everyone keen to get into the spirit of the event by dressing up, except for a couple who had to dash off to work as soon as they had completed the challenge. Alison was the Queen while others came dressed as a monkey, giraffe, Superted, Superman, Catwoman and a convict among other characters.

Two instructors from BF Adventure were on hand to guide the volunteers through the process. “It was brilliant,” said Alison. “It all went really well and because we were so organised and everything went quicker than planned, we were able to let a couple of extra people have a go.”

The event, which also saw a bouncy castle and DJ on hand to keep those waiting for their turn and the spectators entertained, raised £4,000 through sponsorship for the Trust.

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