One could be forgiven for thinking Helston town centre was not meant to have bus shelters. A week after holes appeared in the pavements of Coinagehall Street, ready for the shelters to be sunk in - roughly a decade after the idea was first raised - there is no sign of the structures.

This is because, despite conducting a survey of the site, the company responsible for installing them has discovered utilities at the bottom of the hole.

As a result, further calculations will have to be made to decide if there is enough space to cover over the utilities before adding the concrete in which to fasten the shelters, or whether the depth will be too shallow to take their weight.

Coinagehall Street is to get two new shelters, on either side of the road - specifically outside the Cornwall Air Ambulance shop and JJ News.

The town council has paid the company for the site survey, designed to flag up any potential problems such as this, and is now looking for answers over how it will be resolved.

Town clerk Chris Dawson acknowledged that the council was “not happy,” but added: “They want to get the job done as well, so they're doing everything they can.”

The shelters should have been in place last week, ahead of a grand launch this week. However, due to this delay there is no date now in place for an expected opening, with it all resting on the installers to find a way around the problem.