By Yas Edgson

A bottle or two of Prosecco was popped open when Peter and Joan Manley celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at Trewartha, Cornwall Care’s nursing home in Carbis Bay.

Friends and family joined the couple at the home and shared the bubbly and also a cake that had been baked for the special occasion.

The couple met at Smithfield meat market in London when Joan, who worked in an office nearby, was 18-years-old and Peter, who worked on the market, was 23. Peter asked Joan for a dance at a party one day, Joan accepted, and 60 years later they received a card from the Queen congratulating them on their significant milestone together.

Peter and Joan were lucky enough to enjoy a party once more, when they celebrated their diamond day, joined by by staff, friends and family who had made it their goal to make the day as magical as it was 60 years before.

A spokesman for the home said: "It is important to us at Cornwall Care that we celebrate our residents’ personal milestones – whether those are anniversaries, birthdays or family occasions – which is why we facilitate parties and welcome relatives to join us to celebrate with their loved ones. We want to make the day as special as possible.

"After all, a diamond wedding anniversary only happens once and it deserves a proper celebration. Congratulations, Peter and Joan."