A butcher from Cornwall has come up with an unusual twist on the iconic Battenberg cake - made entirely from meat.

The Baconberg is similar to Battenberg in nearly ever detail, and even features the distinctive two-by-two check pattern of the sugary treat.

However, Scott Buzza from The Brian Etherington Meat Company, replaced every ingredient with meat, substituting the light sponge with loin and sausage meat, and the marsipan with bacon.

Baconberg has since become a bit of an internet sensation, with pictures of the unique creation travelling the world via social media.

Scott, 23, joined the Scorrier based butcher three years ago as an apprentice, but since then has been training hard and trying to make his mark.

But now it appears that he has succeeded, as his latest creation has received international support, with customers in Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia and the USA encountering Baconberg in their local butchers.

Scott said: "I enjoy coming up with new ideas like this. Our customers here at Etherington’s Farm Shop loved the concept and, thanks to the power of social media, it soon went viral.

"I don’t mind people replicating Baconberg – it’s quite a compliment really.”

Mark Etherington, managing director of The Brian Etherington Meat Company, said: “Customer service is an important part of the job for a retail butcher. 

"Scott has excelled himself by coming up with a brand-new product, which has captured the imagination of visitors to the farm shop and our wholesale customers.”

Baconberg is currently available at the Etherington's Farm Shop, which is open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.

To cook, Scott recommends preheating the oven to 170˚C and roasting a slice one inch thick for 20 minutes, turning half way through.