Speculation is rife that the The Prime Minister could call a surprise General Election after it was revealed she would make unscheduled announcement at 11.15am today.

It has been revealed that Prime Minister Theresa May will be making the announcement in Downing Street, with no information as to the nature of what will be said.

Political commentators have rushed to speculate over what might be said, as such announcements are usually reserved for very important political matters.

The BBC's assistant political editor Norman Smith said Prime ministers only make Downing Street statements "when it's something significant," and these can include "resignations and elections."

And former BBC political editor Nick Robinson tweeted: "I'd promise to eat my hat if @theresa_may eats her words to call an early election ... if it weren't for history of hat eating pledges."

Pro Europe newspaper The New European took a more satirical view: 



The value of the pound has dropped since plans for the announcement were revealed, and an 'unnamed source' for the BBC has said the announcement will be for an election on June 8.

Although the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act brought in by the coalition government sets the general election date as the first Thursday in May every five years, an early election can be called if two-thirds of MPs in the Commons vote for it, and Labour has it would support one.