A teenager has spoken of the moment she made eye contact with a car driver seconds before allegedly becoming the victim of an hit and run in Helston.

Alisha Richards, 19, had been enjoying a night out with friends on Good Friday, attending a drum and bass night at Shooters Bar in Coinagehall Street.

Leaving at around 4am on Saturday, she had walked out onto the pavement just moments before a car allegedly hit another girl in the road.

As Alisha called the police from her mobile phone, while standing in front of the car that she said had stopped at that point, she claimed the driver looked her in the eye - and the next thing she knew people were crowded around her.

She told the Helston Packet: "All I remember was being in front of the car and him giving me eye contact, and then next minute I could see people stood around me and shouting my name."

The teenager, who believes she must have blacked out for a moment after an alleged impact and has no memory of what happened in the immediate aftermath, is suffering from a swollen and bruised ankle that means she is struggling to walk, a sore head where she hit it, bruising and aching all over.

She was taken to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, where she was treated for five hours.

"I just can't believe it has happened. I'm recovering slowly but will take a while," added Alisha.

She wrote on Facebook the next day: "Thank you to everyone who has messaged me to see if I'm okay after the incident that happened last night! I am home but still in a lot of pain! Can't thank you all enough for everyone that was there for me last night!"

Alisha has now spoken to the police to give a statement and hopes that action will be taken.

A police spokesperson confirmed that officers were called to Coinagehall Street just after 4am following reports that a woman had been knocked over and the car had left the scene.

  • A 21-year-old man from Watford has been charged with driving dangerously and driving with alcohol above the limit. He will appear before magistrates in Truro on May 8.