A revolutionary new building for Porthleven’s shipyard has been objected to by the town council for a second time due to continuing concerns.

In February the planning committee unanimously recommended refusal of Trevor Osborne's plans for an Innovation Building he hopes will provide jobs and new business for the area, catering for an estimated 70 people, with an internet café, bus shelter, showers and public toilets also included.

There had been a number of concerns that Mr Osborne had hoped would be addressed in new plans now submitted, which include changing the colour from blue to a silver-grey timber and reducing the size by around ten per cent, from 855 square metres to 770 square metres.

The plans also show the removal of the staircase to roof area, which has been replaced by a sliding glass door and the inclusion of a ramp to access the main door, plus an internal two-floor disabled lift – disabled access being one of the concerns raised previously by the town council.

The building has been moved nearer to the existing Origin Coffee building, enabling the covered walkway and bus stop roof to be attached to the coffee house to give more space for manoeuvring boats, while bus shelter includes bench seats and a glass weather-protective screen and canopy roof.

The entrance shown at Methleigh Bottoms has been increased to eight metres in width, for better access by gigs and heavy goods vehicles, with all vehicles entering and leaving the yard via the new entrance and the existing entrance dedicated to boats only.

Parking at the shipyard – which is private land and has very few officially allocated spaces - will now be formalised against the stone boundary wall, with ten spaces dedicated to the new building.

A spokesperson for Mr Osborne told the council: “We hope these will be supported by the town council and go some way to us together delivering a vibrant building, which will benefit the community and create some business, added space and jobs in the area.”

However, councillors were concerned that by banning the vehicles that had been parking there unofficially, without enforcement to date, this would push them to other, already congested parts of Porthleven.

Councillor Andrew Wallis also questioned what impact moving the vehicle closer to two other existing businesses in the shipyard would have on their operating.

Two sections of the Historic Environment Planning body have noted concerns, citing “harm” due to the mass of the building and asking that a slatted balcony be removed, with questions also raised over taking away part of a stone wall to create new lorry access at Methleigh Bottoms, while the archaeology department of it has said a two-part impact assessment should be provided before any decision could be made, looking at the significance of the current site to the heritage of Porthleven and also any potential harm the development could cause.

Due to these concerns, councillors unanimously recommended refusal of the development, although welcomed the changes that had been made so far.