The National Maritime Museum will be holding the second of its Museum Lates events on Wednesday (26/4) with a talk from professional skipper and TV star Conrad Humphreys.

As part of it's Bligh exhibition the museum will invite Humphreys, the professional skipper on Channel 4's Mutiny, to speak on leadership, camaraderie, courage and humility on the high seas.

Humphreys is a competitive sailor, who’s sailed around the world three times in some of the sailing world’s most famous races. In Mutiny, he skippered a nine-man team as they re-lived Captain Bligh’s 4,000-mile voyage of survival after the mutiny on the Bounty, using a tiny wooden boat with traditional navigation equipment and the same meagre rations as Bligh’s crew.

He said: “We experienced very similar conditions to Bligh’s crew – rough seas, no shelter, no cabins, no toilet.”

“It was a remarkable voyage because the boat was 23 feet long – that’s about a metre per man – and we were on it together for sixty days.”

“At times Bligh had to take his cutlass out to maintain order. Obviously we couldn’t do that, but there were moments when we had to be decisive and discipline helped the team move forward.”

The event will start with a welcome at 7pm, and will be split into two parts, beginning at 7.30pm.

One part of the evening will include a Conrad's mutiny talk in the lecture theatre, while the other will include an introduction to the Bligh exhibition by Mike Selwood of the museum's boat building team, for which the bar will be open.

At 9.30 the evening will conclude with a sea shanty performance in the bar cafe by Stamp and Go.

Tickets cost £10 and are available from