Waking to find himself transformed into a dung beetle one morning, Gregor must now consider his options.

A famous Kafka work, adapted by a treasured English playwright, Metamorphosis casts its beady eyes over the norms of society, illustrating the alienation of one painfully normal individual with deft surrealism.

One of the most resonantly strange stories ever brought to stage, this critically acclaimed adaptation by Steven Berkoff plunges into the extremity of Kafka's dark humour, and reveals a tremulous human heart.

Theatrical Niche will build on its successful tours of Lysistrata, Tartuffe, and Dr. Faustus when it tours its interpretation of this absurd story, including one night in Truro.

The theatre company is renowned for its adaptations of classic texts, and will bring its signature high-energy, physical theatre to the play.

Exquisite puppetry, imaginative staging and grotesque ensemble work combine to make this a highly visual and enjoyable show, suitable for ages 12 and up.

Director Alice Sillett said: "Metamorphosis is about the outsider. It is about anyone who has been isolated or has isolated themselves. It's about the things in life we don't want to face, the things we hide away and the things we cannot bear to see. The more I look, the more connections I make to my own world and the world outside me. And it's an uncomfortable view.

"We explored alienation in all aspects of our lives and much of this has carried through into our play from the disconnection of social media where it was meant to connect, to the expected gender roles that separate us from who we actually are, to the daily grind of the nine to five.

"Despite the bleakness of these comparisons we have had a rehearsal room filled with laughter. I thank each member of the team for coming on this journey into the strange. Exploring the ridiculousness of our behaviour has led to the bizarre, frightening and hilarious and to a certain truth about what it means to be human. After all who in the play is more human? There is both human and bug in us all."

Theatrical Niche will be performing Metamorphosis at the Burrell Theatre in Truro on May 18 at 7.30pm.

For information and tickets go to theatricalniche.co.uk