Volunteers from Falmouth coastguard and the Porthoustock rescue team waded waded through Mylor mud to reach two stranded kayakers yesterday afternoon - before hosing off in a nearby house.

The coastguard rescue team was sent to a report of two children stuck on a kayak in the mud off Church Road at around 3.40pm.

A coastguard spokesperson said: "On scene, we deployed two mud rescue technicians with specialist equipment to go out to the casualties to check their welfare. They were around 200m off shore.

"Once with them it was quickly decided that they were to come ashore, as they were starting to suffer from the cold... and considering the time of high water and their position in the river."

The mud rescuers transported the the pair back to shore using rescue stretchers before they were winched to safety and passed into the care of a parent.

The coastguard team added: "Many thanks to the lady and gentleman who allowed us access through their house and garden and also use of their hose. A great help to us."

If anyone sees someone stuck in mud they should call 999 and ask for coastguard. Advice for anyone stuck in mud is not to panic, but to try and spread your weight, and try not to wriggle around as this can pull you in further.