Great Western Railway has announced the award of a grant of £49,357 to the charity which operates the forthcoming ROC 5K fun run in Truro.

The grant, awarded by the company's Customer and Communities Improvement Fund, will go to ROC Wellbeing.

Funding two new job coaches, the charity will be able to help more of the increasing number of people with learning disabilities who want a paid job.

This year's ROC 5K charity fun run, which is sponsored by GWR, has a new route and will take place after work on June 27.

The annual event raises vital funds for ROC Welcome, the charity's vibrant social opportunity which is based in Truro.

The GWR grant is a major part of the charity's £100,000+ Work2Work project.

Within 12 months the charity believes it should be possible for a significant number of people with learning disabilities to be engaged in more formal arrangements for work of their choice, with as many as half progressing to paid employment.

Simon Buchanan-Morgan, GWR CCIF programme manager, said: “Committed to the communities we serve this grant will improve real employment opportunities for local people with learning disabilities by funding two skilled job coaches.

“This CCIF grant will enable ROC to develop real jobs and work experience for the people they support, with a range of committed employers.”

Therese Timberlake said: “We are absolutely thrilled by the support of GWR.

"As a key business partner, GWR is right at the cutting edge of all we are seeking to achieve in terms of work place inclusion, finding work for the people we support which has meaning for them and their employer.

“This grant could not have come at a better time, many employers are increasingly concerned about how they will fill their vacancies for elementary jobs.

"Thanks to GWR, we believe we have an answer.”

Lee Goodson, GWR station manager for West Cornwall, said: “The charity has a strong reputation for the quality and range of its activities which it operates in a way that is sustainable, ethical and brings in the community, breaking down barriers and improving natural support.

"A great example of this is The ROC 5K charity fun run in Truro with which we are delighted to be associated with.

"It’s probably the only event of its kind which intentionally encourages the participation of people with learning and other disabilities.”

The funds raised by The ROC 5K will support ROC Welcome, a vibrant social opportunity for local people with learning disabilities which is based at Truro College.

The club is one of the largest of its kind in the county, and is entirely dependent on voluntary donations.

The ROC 5K, which raised £17,000 last year, is the club's most important source of funding.