There is a change at the top at RNAS Culdrose as Helston boy Ian Fitter steps down as executive commander of the base.

Commander Fitter has been second in command at Culdrose since April 2015, when he returned to the town he grew up in.

He said how he much he had "thoroughly enjoyed" being back at not only his childhood home but also his professional home, having spent much of his flying career based at Culdrose.

Describing the last two years as "a real privilege," Commander Fitter said highlights of his time back at Culdrose included developing the "long term and strong bond" between the air station and the local community.

It was fitting that his final act as commander was dancing in the Midday Dance on Flora Day.

He has now handed over to Commander Paul 'Rex' Harrison.

The new executive officer, nicknamed after the My Fair Lady actor, is another long term Culdrose aviator - a ‘Bagman’ with 849 Naval Air Squadron, known for their distinctive radar, or ‘bags’ on the side of their aircraft.

He has spent much of his career either flying at Culdrose or deployed operationally, including to the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Commander Harrison said he was "delighted" to be back at Culdrose, his adopted home where he has family in the local area.

He added that he was now looking forward to his new role and expected to find the varied aspects of the job very enjoyable, adding that he wanted to maintain the good standing Culdrose has in the local community, as well as exploring "new avenues to further strengthen them."