There are people in Helston "off their face" on a "daily basis" according to one resident, who claims to have found used needles near a children's play area.

Stephen Whatley made the allegations in a letter to Helston Town Council, in which he spoke of finding "dirty used needles" in Coronation Park and urged members to take action.

Mr Whatley, who lives in the town, wrote: "I write to express my concerns regarding the amount of apparent drug users in the town. On a daily basis I see people clearly 'off their face' wandering about.

"This is distressing to children and will undoubtedly impact on the image of Helston.

"In addition, I have personally found dirty used needles in Coronation Park and also beer cans, broken glass and cigarette ends strewn about."

He said that this was not only littering but a "potential health and safety hazard," adding: "Children play in the areas where I have seen used drugs and alcohol paraphernalia. Dogs also exercise there."

Mr Whatley wrote that as a person "proud of this town," he would be reporting future incidents to the police.

"I believe the town council could debate what course of action they could take to directly combat these issues, which will, if not curtailed, impact on safety and the tourist image of the town.

"These people need to be aware that they don't have a free reign and that there are consequences to actions," he said.

Mr Whatley listed a number of suggestions of what he thought could be done to tackle the issue, including hiring a 'green area warden' for one hour a night - something he believed "need not be a huge financial burden" - putting up signs warning against such behaviour, stating a social media campaign and adding CCTV.

He also suggested that the town council should put pressure on the police to introduce a foot patrol in these areas, particularly during late evening or after dark.

The town council is due to discuss Mr Whatley's letter when they meeting tomorrow evening in the Guildhall, from 7.15pm, for the first meeting of the new civic year.

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