The mayor of Helston has urged residents to tackle areas of "scruffiness" in the town as she returned for a second term of office.

In her acceptance speech, Gillian Geer said still wanted to continue the project she launched year ago, to fix Helston's pavements, saying it was not just cosmetic but a matter of safety.

She told the assembled councillors and invited guests at the Guildhall yesterday: "Raising money to proceed with that project has proved difficult. Several possible donors have said, 'I'd rather give money to people.'

"My answer is that the pavements are for people and offer benefits in terms of non-scruffiness and in terms of safety."

Mrs Geer pointed to an incident a few weeks ago, when a elderly lady tripped on uneven paving in Coinagehall Street.

She said: "I found myself lying on the ground with my arm around her, to comfort her and to be sure she did not move until paramedics arrived, called by another passer-by.

"The lady is not alone; people are stumbling all the time in Coinagehall Street and Meneage Street."

She added that the town centre pavements needed "extensive repair, at considerable cost."

Mrs Geer went on: "Recently the town council was criticised for letting the town centre get shabby. As you may remember from my words a year ago about resurfacing our pavements, I am among those keen to see Helston looking as good as possible."

She said it was "noticeable" that shop owners and tenants did their best to maintain clean paintwork and tidy buildings, and urged them to press landlords to do their bit also.

"It is common to see an attractive, cared-for shop front, with grubby walls and dilapidated windows on the floors above," she added.

Mrs Geer also encouraged residents to harness the spirit of Flora Day to "inspire us" and get Helston "back on the map," saying: "Let our joy and enthusiasm for the Furry Dance and Flora Day inspire us throughout the year.

"Let's use our Cornish festive mirth and grit positively, to get our super little town back on the map every day and not just on Flora Eve and Flora Day."

As part of this she hoped to see more festivals launched, with Hellys Guitar Festival already planned for a week in August.

She praised the "interesting and dedicated people" she had met over the past year through a wide variety of areas, including music, theatre, politics sports and activities for both children and older people.

Mrs Geer said she was "delighted" and "deeply grateful," to be asked to return for a second term as mayor, adding: "I shall do my very best to live up to the standards of those who have gone before me."

At the same ceremony, John Martin was re-elected as deputy mayor, also for a second term of office.

The whole town council and guests processed from the bowling club to the Guildhall for the mayor-making, before returning for a reception afterwards.