The owner of Café Strand is once again calling for something to be done about the drains on Market Strand after a downpour caused them to burst - covering the road in raw sewage for the second time this month.

Jan Kingsley, owner of the café, said the scene outside her premises was disgusting this morning, as dead rats and raw sewage washed onto the street.

The drains burst shortly before 12pm after a brief, but heavy, downpour of rain.

This comes little over two weeks after the last incident, when the owners of the cafe, the Natural Store and The Prince of Wales pub all got together to say that something needed to be done.

Jan said: "It's just starting to recede now, and we're waiting for the drain to be put back in place.

"It didn't come in the door this time, but it came up higher than last time.

"As soon as the downpour started I knew it would happen because it always does.

"We're letting people out the back of the cafe so they don't have to stand in anything.

"Something needs to be done, we should have to go through it every time it rains.

"There wasn't really that much rain, there was a heavy spell for about five minutes but that was it and that was enough to case this to happen again.

"It's ridiculous, there was raw sewage and high levels of water."

During the last incident, on May 1, South West Water said that the issue is caused by a problem known as hydraulic overload, and that they were working to "investigate this issue further."

A spokesperson for South West Water said: "Market Strand is prone to hydraulic overload which overwhelms both highways drains and our assets in the area.

"This usually happens with short duration heavy rainfall events which coincide with a high tide.

"We are working closely with Highways, the council and the Environment Agency to resolve this issue.

"We were notified of today’s flooding at 11.48am and our operators are onsite now cleaning up."