The Princess Pavilion was fit to burst on Wednesday night as Maxïmo Park applied some pressure in an electric first trip to Falmouth.

The band's recent album, Risk to Exist, takes a more political - and groovier - angle than their previous offerings, and they took their own risk by loading the front half of their set with plenty of new songs.

However the band played with aplomb and energy, matched and even surpassed by singer Paul Smith, who was a maelstrom of energy throughout the night.

Smith is a consummate frontman, and he barely stopped moving, looking trim in a blue suit, wild print shirt and wide brimmed hat, with a pose for almost every second of the gig.

One of his few moments of stillness occurred, however, with a brief segue about the fish and chips of Falmouth - pronounced foul-mouth in his broad Teesside accent - being superior to others he has sampled. This was followed by a rip-roaring rendition of The Coast is Always Changing, a song about the transitory nature of the coast "and the heart".

After a slew of newer songs, the band finished the set with a series of their classic hits, returning for an encore including Apply Some Pressure, whipping the crowd up to almost breaking point before finishing on latest single Get High (No, I Don't).

It was a first visit to the town for the angular indie stalwarts, but by judging by the crowd's reaction it hopefully won't be the last.