Students, parents and teachers gathered at Marlborough School this afternoon to celebrate the launch of a new cookbook, and enjoy some cooking-based activities.

Feed is the new cookbook written by school cook, Jessica Oughton, and the blurb reads 'from a Cornish school kitchen, freshly prepared by a hungry chef and served up by plucky parents'.

The book contains a plethora of recipes that are simple to make and use local ingredients, and is designed to get children interested in cooking.

To celebrate the launch of the book, staff at the school organised a fun day with many cooking based activities such as quesadilla and summer rice roll making.

Falmouth based Jessica Oughton, 28, said: "It's a cook book which shows all the things that we do at the school here and puts them into the home environment.

"We wanted to showcase what were doing here.

"Its an all round book, we talk about cooking from scratch and appreciating home cooked food.

"Their all simple to make, it's stuff that we make for our school dinners but we've scaled it down for home cooking.

"I'm the cook at the school and I came up with the recipes, it's all things I've cooked myself at home and things I've picked up on the way.

"It's been a lot of hard work to put it together but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves so the hard work has paid off."

Ruth Littlejohns-Sames, 39, helped Jessica to put the book together, and said that it was a real community effort to get the project finished.

Ruth, who owns Sames and Littlejohns branding agency, said: "I'm a parent at the school and I put my hand up about the skills we have.

"We worked with Jess and a local illustrator, and a number of parents who did the copywriting.

"Once everything was completed we took it to R Booth Printing in Penryn, because we wanted to keep everything local.

"For me I thought it was a great opportunity to create a cookbook which benefits the school but also the local community.

"It's testament that you can make easy and healthy food, with a little hard work there is no excuse."