Pupils at St Francis School were full of sense on Thursday as they spent the day carrying out a series of experiments for a special science day.

The year one children spent the morning learning about the senses with a series of activities planned to test their ability to work with sounds, smells, taste and touch when deprived of other senses.

As part of their current topic on the human body, they were encouraged to think about what happens when you lose a sense, and they carried out experiments involving being blindfolded, as well as others where they wore ear defenders to prevent them from hearing.

Ben Boisseau, a teaching student who planned the day for the pupils, said: "It's part of trying to have an interesting curriculum for them. We know science nationally isn't getting enough time in school. The school is trying to promote science, excite the children, and encourage them to choose science when they go to secondary school.

"There are five activities that use the five senses and one activity is a teaching input as well, so they learn a bit more.

"We're also going to do a couple of fun things: a bottle of coke, put some Mentos in, a big explosion to impress them and get them enthused with science.

"They are loving it, and the fancy dress, they are all getting involved with that."