Falmouth Primary School enjoyed a really successful summer fair on Friday despite rainy weather sending most of the fun indoors.

Friends, parents and pupils flocked to the school for the chance to soak a teacher with a wet sponge, whack a rat, or hook a duck, as well as enjoying barbecue food, getting faces or nails painted, or buying themselves some treats or refreshments.

Head of school Jane Alexander said: "Everyone's really enjoying themselves. Parents are really pleased to see each other, parents who didn't know each other are meeting.

"Face painting and nail painting are really popular."

She added: "It's going really well. We have been really lucky to have the support of a fantastic group of parents who have worked tirelessly to organise this.

"We were planning for it to be outside but the weather has meant it's been inside. They have been very flexible.

"We have had a massive turnout."