Coastline Housing has celebrated handing over its 500th affordable home, but for one new resident of its latest development in Stithians, the milestone has proved life-changing.

Rosie Burbridge, 25, has suffered with an aggressive form of arthritis since she was three years old, resulting in a lot of damage to her joints and very limited mobility. Having spent most of her childhood in a chair and in hospital, her quality of life had been poor and she had been living in string of properties that were unsuitable for her and made her health worse. This also had an impact on Rosie’s young daughter.

As part of its development at Stithians, Coastline Housing was able to take Rosie’s requirements into account and purpose build a two-bedroom flat with a garden that will be able to accommodate her needs now, and in the future. Rosie will now be able to cook for herself and her daughter, play in the garden with her and be able to access every part of her home.

Even better, Coastline was also able to allocate a home on the development to Rosie’s mother, who is also her carer. With her mother just seconds away giving her all the support that she needs, Rosie is finally able to gain her long-awaited independence.

Rose said: “I’m so excited that the future is looking a lot brighter for us now. Life’s not been very kind to me and I have always had to fight for basic human rights such as a home that I can access and enjoy. Now Coastline and Kier have made all my dreams come true. I am eternally grateful to everyone who worked on this project and look forward to a forever home in the village that I grew up in, being able to raise my daughter in a safe environment.”

The new development of 25 new homes in the centre of the village were built with the help of funding of over £600,000 from the Homes and Communities Agency. The homes are a mixture of sizes and types, based on the village’s housing need at the time. While 19 are for affordable rent, there are also six shared ownership houses for local people looking to get a foot on the property ladder.

Allister Young, chief executive of Coastline Housing, said: “We were absolutely delighted to mark our 500th new house at the opening of this fantastic scheme. Stithians is a vibrant village and we are delighted to give so many local people the opportunity to continue to live in the area where so many of them have grown up but had been priced out of buying a house on the open market.

“Coastline Housing has secured over £30m of grant funding from the Homes and Communities Agency and over £5 million from Cornwall Council to develop more than 1,000 new homes in Cornwall up to 2021, so this is just the start of what we are doing to help end Cornwall’s housing crisis.”