Forget the golden eggs, one goose at Helston boating lake seemed set on a gold medal when it joined a morning exercise class today.

Early risers got a gander at something a little different when the bird, which appears to be a young canada goose, hopped out of the lake to join the group from JP Fitness on their morning lap.

Jane Pett from JP Fitness said: "We were taking our runners for a workout around the lake and it swam over and climbed out and just started running with us.

"It did nearly a whole lap on got back in the water again while we stretched and as we came past it ran for another couple of laps before stopping to look at some dogs in the square.

"It looks like a youngish Canada Goose but had a pink ring on its leg. It was reasonably tame as we stroked it and certainly had no fear of us or dogs.

"We wondered if it was a bit disorientated so maybe has been knocked by a car. But it could certainly run, every time we picked up speed it ran faster. Three laps is nearly a mile."