The power of imagination has earned one Penryn schoolgirl a brand new smart watch after she won a national short story competition.

Iceni Brown, of Penryn Primary Academy, won the under-12 category of the Reader's Digest 100 word story competition, which is now in its seventh year, with her story The Cloud.

The Cloud tells the story of a little cloud called Doodle, who gets caught up in a thunder storm and goes to see the world, before deciding he does not want to go on any more adventures.

Iceni said: “I’ve always loved writing and making books. I like making up wacky characters and adding my own twist. This is the first writing competition I’ve entered because I always struggle to finish my stories before the deadline, or lose my story before I finish it. I never thought I’d win – thank you.”

The judges said: “We were all absolutely charmed by this story. It contains drama, adventure and a relatable aspect that Doodle feels overwhelmed by new experiences.

“It’s a remarkable tale to come from someone so young – we’ll be sure to watch where Iceni’s writing takes her!”

Iceni won a Samsung smart watch and £100 for her school, which she decided to spend on sports equipment for all the children to enjoy.

Read Iceni's story, The Cloud, here:

Doodle was a small, lonely, and glum cloud. He rose, he fell, he drifted. But all that was about to change.

Midnight, and Doodle was blown into a deadly storm. Tossed this way and that, lightning rolled him like a bowling ball.

He awoke in Japan, startled and unsure. Lights lit up the starry sky, cars honked, billboards flickered.

Confused, upset and scared, Doodle began to weep as the whole city popped up their colourful patterned umbrellas.

Drifting back over volcanoes, oceans and forests, he decided the world was too big and wild for this little blissful cloud of adventures.