Parish councillors last night unanimously voted against proposed plans to build 60 new homes on a site off Antron Hill in Mabe, after residents voiced their concerns about the project.

SW Strategic Developments and Brisden Properties were behind the outline planning application that would ‘facilitate a high-quality development of village homes’.

The proposed development site of around 2.6 hectares lies to the south of Antron Hill, and would have housed up to 60 two, three, or four bed residential properties.

There are a mix of dwelling types and sizes proposed, including one, two and 1.5 story ‘dorma’ properties, with 35 percent being allocated as affordable homes.

Parking and outdoor spaces would be included in the layout of the land, and the number of parking spaces would vary depending on the size of the dwelling. Visitor parking was also accounted for.

Access for the site was to be taken from Antron Hill, although it was claimed that a new entrance to the development would be formed through the creation of a priority junction.

The design statement reads: "The masterplan for the site will provide sustainable growth to the village of Mabe Burnthouse by offering new homes and community infrastructure, close to existing facilities and services.

"The proposed development sits on the edge of Mabe Burnthouse and aims to create a positive interface with the farm land which lies along its eastern boundary.

"Green infrastructure provides a thread running through the entire development ensuring that every home either overlooks or is within a minute’s walk of local green space with opportunities for play and relaxation."

But local residents objected to the scheme, raising issues including parking, traffic, and the impact such a build would have on the character of the small village.

One local resident described the current situation as ‘dangerous’, as already a great number of cars used the road as a ‘rat run’, and feared the level of traffic would increase.

He said: “There’s already too much traffic going down that road, every time you cross it you are taking your life in your hands.”

Other objections included the fact that the houses did not reflect those needed in the area, with two to four bed houses proposed, despite a significant lack of one bed houses in Mabe.

Pete Tisdale, vice chairman of the council, said: “I think it will ruin the character of the village and it will disappear into Penryn, I vote that we don’t support it.”

For full details of the proposed development go to and search for planning application PA17/05945.